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The Best 10 Cannabis Stocks Worldwide

Cannabis Stocks
Source: Investor Place

In North America, Cannabis index for the top Marijuana stocks was seen in the Canadian and United States. The stocks that are responsible for the index accumulates more than five dollars annual revenue. Looking at the fact that there is progressive legislation of Marijuana stocks in the Canadian context, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that these top companies originate from Canada. 


The ten best cannabis stocks in the North American market are those engaged in the cultivation of the best brands of cannabis with the bud and those who develop cannabinoid formulated drug therapies. The next are those that plant and sell lab-tested medical cannabis. Some others provide patients with strains from around the world, while some uses the greenhouse cultivated cannabis to form capsules, THC, oral solutions and CBD vaporizers. In these top ten companies, the science-driven ones engage in the provision of some lab-tested medicinal cannabis grades. Most of them are licensed to plant and market medical cannabis, while some provide to Canadian commercial organization. Some of the organizations and functionalities are listed below; 

  1. The Canopy Growth Corporation: This organization cultivates and provides cannabis brands including their buds. They engage in the provision of three unique brands namely; spectrum cannabis, tweed farms and bedrocan Canada. The tweed farms command the biggest cannabis greenhouse sector of the world market. Spectrum is their patient-facing Canadian, global brand in the medical and clinical researches.
  2. GW Pharmaceuticals Plc: They develop cannabinoid formulated drug therapies. Their top lead brand is the Epidiolex which is modeled to serve as the treatment to drug-resistant types of epilepsy
  3. Aurora Cannabis Incorporation: Engages in the planting and selling of laboratory-tested medical cannabis globally
  4. MedReleaf Corp: Is a medical-grade planting company that provides strain sourced and R & D driven brands globally.
  5. Aphria Inc/CHT Medical: Utilizes the greenhouse produced cannabis to develop cannabis oral solutions, THC, capsules as well as CBD vaporizers.
  6. CannTrust Holdings Inc.: This company provides cannabis of medical grade and lab-tested.
  7. Cronos Group Inc.: This organization controls various products under the medical industries. Some of them include the Original BC, peace Naturals, Whistler Medical cannabis organization. These brands are licensed to plant and sell cannabis globally.
  8. Axim Biotechnologies Inc: This organization engages in researches with which they develop pharmaceutical, cosmetics products, and nutraceutical. These are developed using derivatives of cannabinoid.
  9. CanniMed Therapeutics Inc: Their Prairie Plant Systems were the only suppliers the medical cannabis, especially to Canada health organization.  They supply medically upgraded cannabis and conduct researches to confirm the effectiveness of the cannabis.
  10. Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc: Is a grow facility which provides cannabis or sells in the commercial sector in the Canadian. The company forms a partnership examination.

The legalization of Medical cannabis took place in 2001, while the latest bill passed by the Canadian legislature allows the commercialization of the stock. Therefore, starting from July 2018 until now, cannabis stock is an allowable trade for authorized organizations. Meanwhile, the psilocybin mushroom story isn’t likely peak any time soon. As excitement builds for the use of psilocybin extracts and psilocybin mushrooms , it’s opening a range of opportunity for companies that have already established launching cannabis products.