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Questions About Traveling With Weed Answered

Source: Chicago Business

The marijuana space in the United States is undergoing a change. While the substance still remains illegal for possession and use at a federal level, a number of states have already introduced laws governing the use of this herb. At this time, 33 states along with four U.S. territories and the District of Columbia have permitted the use of weed for medicinal purposes while 11 states, the Northern Mariana Islands and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational use of pot. Remaining states have also either decriminalized it or taking measures to introduce new reforms. Illinois is one of the most recent states to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. The international airports located here have special boxes near security checkpoints kept to let travelers avoid flying with their pot. These amnesty boxes are provided for travelers to dispose of their cannabis products before traveling. However, many travelers still have many questions about traveling with this substance. Here, we try to answer some of these.

Can you fly with Cannabis?

The short answer to this question asked by most cannabis users is No. Flying with weed is a federal crime. As the federal law governs the airplane travel and does not permit the use of this substance, you break a law by carrying it in the plane. It cannot come with you because the airspace is a federal territory.

Even if you are flying between states allowing the use of pot for recreational purposes, you cannot carry it. Those who fly with weed break the law of the state you bought it from, the state you are traveling to and the federal law.

What to do if you enter the airport with marijuana?

This depends on some factors like how much of the substance you have and which airport you are. Though weed is illegal federally, some airports like O’Hare and LAX have declared that they won’t stop any passenger possessing cannabis up to one ounce. However, if you reach the airport and don’t want to carry the substance, you can use the amnesty boxes if available to deposit your herb or trash it. You can even visit the bathroom and flush the product in the toilet bowl to be safe.

Where is pot legal?

The laws governing the use of weed in the United States keep changing and are often not clear. Different states have different laws regarding its use. It is best to check online sources to know the latest rules. For example, California allows an adult above 21 years to carry one ounce of weed or eight grams of concentrate. In Illinois, however, you can carry a maximum of five grams of concentrate and less than 500mg of edibles. This means you should be aware of the laws in places you want to use the substance.

What happens if weed is found in somebody’s luggage?

The main concern of the agency is to detect potential threats to passenger safety. The TSA website states that it never searches for illegal drugs like cannabis. However, TSA being a federal agency enforces federal laws. When the officers find the herb in anybody’s bag, they report it to the police and let the police handle the situation. With ever-changing laws, it is difficult to predict what will happen with the passenger. It can be risky to carry marijuana in a plane even if it is legal for use in the state you board or the place where you are going. It is really not clear what TSA would do upon finding weed in somebody’s bag. If you are caught with the substance at a place in America where it is legal, you may simply be asked to dispose of it before boarding. TSA encourages passengers to use amnesty boxes. They are unlikely to call the police unless the amount is really illegal like a bag-full.

What if you possess a medical marijuana card?

Medical marijuana is treated differently by the law. Travelers who possess medical marijuana card showing they are patients are treated liberally than others. However, the ID card may not always help you. If the state you are leaving has no program for medical cannabis, your card would not help. Moreover, the TSA does not have any provision to check the card’s validity and they are likely to pass you to local police to take charge of the situation.

Can you travel with CBD?

Yes. If your CBD product contains no more than 0.3 percent THC, you can bring it on the flight. You can also fly with FDA-approved CBD products. Food and drinks infused with CBD should comply with the carry-on policy of TSA to be permitted.